Saturday, July 10, 2010

St. Norbert Farmers' Market - 3514 Pembina Hwy, St. Norbert

First, apologies for the radio silence. I have been trying to eat out a little less in anticipation of my upcoming summer holidays, which include a trip to Québec City and a drive home through Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota.

In lieu of a review, here's a picture of some of the tasty offerings which can be found this summer at St. Norbert Farmers' Market, just south of Winnipeg. Delicious! Make the trip if you can. It's mad busy but a lot of fun. Great people and great food.

Slightly off-point, but I feel compelled to mention also that I was there today and sampled a few of Bon Vivant's fabulous and locally-made sauces, and ended up taking home a bottle of Caribbean. I'm tragically without a barbecue, but I can't wait to use it on some baked chicken wings or something. Pick one of their sauces up; they're all wonderful! If you can't make it out to St. Norbert to sample yourself silly, their website provides a list of retailers in Winnipeg & environs which carry their sauces.

I'll post again once I've eaten my way through Québec City.

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